Had the honor to contribute a picture for the Fuck Yeah! Kalender 2015! :) 
Still inspired from THU (babes, beaches and colorful hair :D) this is what I quickly came up with.

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Made a new header for my Facebookpage. 
Too much work, too little sleep, brainless me, windows is a pain in the arrsse, halloween will come sooner than later - zombie-esque seemed fitting ;)

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Got challenged to draw a quick Mulan. 
Became a bit of a brush-test, but was fun to do :) 
I’m not up to the newer princess-y designs, but I’m not saying that she should look like this, so don’t be offended pls ;)

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Something new from Toddle and Barf!

I’m currently preparing for a bookfair in Germany and this will be printed as cups.
So thrilled to see them … hopefully the print goes well *crossedfingers*

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Disciplinary measures. I was trained to game ^^”
Illustration on a cup for my dad.

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3 four-eyes and 2 kittens
First family portrait on cups as christmas presents

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Aye peeps,
have some amazing relaxing days!
Be save!
Have fun!
See ya next year :)

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Today we watched the Dr. WHO Season 2 Finale… 
Dammit we cried! …. *theatrical sobbing* 

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practice from stock images:
I love this gallery.

Source: antheaodreo

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Sketched before falling asleep last night.
Was thinking about amazing friendships.. 
And my desire to feel relaxed without a guilty conscience. ^^ when will that happen again? ever!?!


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I hope ya’ll had an amazing halloweeeeen!
With loads of Fun and Tricks and Treats! :]
Thats my Halloween picture - was fun! Learned Stuff.
(Hubble Pictures are inspiring)
Go here for WIP Pictures: http://antheaillustration.blogspot.de/2013/11/work-in-progress-harleyween.html

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Laaaaate night sketch for relaxation.
Tested doodling on a huge Cintiq *__*

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A little drawing to encourage a friend :)

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